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We are located in CENTRAL TEXAS, east of Waco 45 miles, in south Limestone Co., southeast of the intersection of FM 147 and FM 1246 W which is west  of Thornton, Tx. Give us a call and come by. We love to talk polled Beefmasters.

We have had our own herd since 1975 and are a Lifetime Member with MERIT BREEDER status.. We started using a polled Beefmaster bull in 1976 and loved the results. We are now 100% registered, 100% Classified and 100% POLLED or SCURRED..
The BBU field staff has U classified our cattle over the years and at present, we are at 67% having U1 body confirmations scores and the rest are U2. 78% have underline scores of U1or 2 and the rest are U3. 18 cows in service are now "TYPESETTER." with 5 more just one away.. 

Our cattle have excellent pedigrees that include many outstanding individuals which include the following: the BBU Legacy Bull **APACHE'S HEART, "AMERICAN STANDARD,  ATLAS, **BLAZE, **COUNTRY WESTERN, DR. J, **LOGAN, **MEDICINE MAN, **MR. USA, **MOUNTAIN MAN, MR. UNIVERSE, **NATURAL SELECTION, P.D.Q.II, **PAINTED TEXAN, ** PAINTED TIGER, **PARADIGN, ** PHANTOM, **PRIME TIME, **SANDMAN, **SIR KIFFER, **SPARTACUS, BULLETPROOF, and many more.

At this time, we are welcoming "LADY ALICE," the U1/2 red POLLED SCURRED daughter of "BULLET PROOF" and the awesome cow "TILY."   "LADY ALICE" brings the genetics of the "OASIS" cow and the "SEX APPEAL" cow to our herd.  Her sisters  averaged $9,750 at the Swinging 'B' Ranch May 16, 2015 Production Sale.

Since, we  collect data required for in both the  BBU "WHOLE HERD PREPORTING" and WEIGHTS AND MEASURES" programs, we can supply you with EPD's on our cattle.

I am a member of the BBU Commercial Sales Committee and  past member of the BBU Finance & Audit,  Advertising & Public Relations, and Breed Improvement Committees. 

We run two herds and our cows are exposed to our POLLED herd sires year round. We have cattle for sale at all times, but  the selection changes regularly.

Some say that we are the go to place for "ULTRA POLLED" cattle. 

Special Thanks to these recent buyers: 
-************************************In 2014******************************************************************
15.) Tuma Ranch near Conroe, Tx, for buying two Polled open heifers at the HOTJP Sale on 11-8-2014.
16.) Jessica Payne  of Dayton, Tx. for buying one Polled open heifer at the HOTJP Sale on 11-8-2014.
17.) Layne Bode of Dayton, Tx. for buying one Polled Bull at the HOTJP Sale one 11-8-2014.
18.) James M. McKinney of Marlin, Tx. area for buying two exposed/bred Polled heifers and one open Polled hefier on 12-4-2014.
*********************************** In 2015 *******************************************************************
1.) Allieray Ranch near Temple, Tx. for buying Polled Bull 13/41 on 1-17-2015.
2.) Circle C Ranch near Mabank, Tx. for buying Polled Bull 13/43 on 1-17-2015.
3) Pounders Ranch near Thorndale, Tx. for buying Polled Bull 13/45 on 1-17-2015.
4.) GA&L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling a bull and Polled heifer on 1-23-2015.
5.) Bar K Ranch (repeat buyer ) for buying three open heifers on 3-12-2015.
6.) Kyle Brown Beefmasters near Troup, Tx. for buying three open heifers on 4-7-2015
7.) Susan Thomas Ranch near Richards, Tx. for buying Polled scurred bull 13/47 on 4-8-2015.
8.) GA&L Co  in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling three Polled bulls on 4-9-2015.
9.) Vinson, Shanin for buying Polled heifer 14/2 (Lot 34 A) at the ET/L Sale on 4-18-2015.
10.) Fulco Beefmasters for buying Polled heifer 14/8 (Lot 34B) at the ET/L Sale on 4-18-2015.
11.) GA&L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling a Polled heifer on 5-7-2015.
12.) Julius Bergfeld of Tyler, Tx. for buying Polled heifer 14/10 (Lot 27) at the LS Sale on 5-9-2015.
13.) Branden Smith of Robinson, Tx. for buying a Polled heifer show prospect on 5-14-2015.
14.) G.L. Hanna of Red Rock, Tx. for buying Polled bull 14/9 on 6-4-2015.
15.) Margaret Hanna of Red Rock, Tx. for buying Polled bull 14/15 on 6-4-2015.
16.) Dumas Stock Farm of Grandbury, Tx. for buying Polled bull 14/35 on 9-8-2015.
17.) GA&L Co. in Groesbeck, Tx. for selling two Polled bulls and one polled bull calf on 10-1-2015.   . 

****************Come To Our next HOT BEEFMASTER JOINT PRODUCTION SALE**********************
                                                        in Groesbeck, Tx. - 11/14/2015
                  ( We will have three fancy bred Polled cows and a Poled Herd sire in this sale.)
                  ( Go to our CATTLE FOR SALE and BULLS FOR SALE  pages for more details )
                              You can go to WWW.BEEFMASTERAUCTION.COM for updates.
************************Come to the ET/L Beefmaster Marketing Sale **************************************
                                                      in Crockett, Tx. ---- 4/9/2016
                                        ( We hope to have some lots in this sale.)
If you are moving into the direction of having a polled Beefmaster herd, check our BULLS FOR SALE  and CATTLE FOR SALE  pages.  They contain only polled animals which are the products of  multiple generations of breeding polled animals and using the BBU Classification and BBU Weights & Measurment Programs. They should get you the genetics  that you want faster.  

We are members of the East Texas / Louisiana Beefmaster Marketing Group, the Lone Star BBU Satelite Group, and the Central Texas Beefmaster Breeders BBU Satelite Gruop.

You can contact us at 254-747-2199 or e-mail: bucknerpb@hotmail.com

     Oran & Julie
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